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About Us

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! My name is Charlene Poe, I am the Founder/Managing Partner of our family's business. Nearly 4 years ago, my family and I discovered there was a critical need in the commercial truck parking segment of the freight and goods movement industry that has now risen to deadly and alarming levels. This crisis is not going to change, it is only going to get worse. This crisis has lasted for decades all over the country. This crisis is even more critical in my home state of Delaware. Our DOT, along with a partner organization issued an SOS cry that has not been answered. 

Today, we are answering the call through 

Middletown Truck Stop Eatery & Drive Thru. 

We're a new start-up, all female, African American, family owned business.

We are answering the call as students: 

Here to learn all there is about the needs of the industry in our state and region, in the commercial truck parking industry.

We are answering the call as support:

Through industry education, information, advocacy, incorporating green energy usage, 

health and wellness.

We are answering the call as reinforcement: 

This is not your "truck stop as usual". We are supporting the great services that are already in our state and setting a higher standard in parking services and amenities with a focus on "rolling out the green carpet". Our approach is a bit different, but that is what makes us unique.

We have discovered the importance of health wellness, and the challenges of self care that truck drivers face while on the road. Of all the employee classes in our nation, commercial truck drivers are found to have the worst health. We want to help change that. We are committed and excited to provide current and future generations of commercial truck drivers with a cleaner, healthier working environment. 

Why? Because our nation depends on it!