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Perks You Can Really Use!

Become a contributor to our "Tuckers and Friends for Delaware!" crowdfunding campaign on Indeigogo and join us in making life on the road for truckers in Delaware a home away from home. Click the share button and tell your friends!

"Truckers and Friends for Delaware" 

Crowdfunding Campaign

  Launching 8/15/2021

Food for thought: Over 80% of communities in the USA solely depend on commercial trucks to deliver their goods and freight. In Delaware that number is close to 90%, yet there are only 328 commercial truck parking spaces in 11 locations. We need your help. We want to provide 75 commercial truck parking spots in Delaware now. 

Join our efforts to bring safe parking, female-friendly, and higher quality "Green" amenities like spa showers, quality laundry facilities, chair height commodes, spacious bathroom stalls, even oversized bath towels, just to name a few. We want to provide a home away from home for those who served us...when we could not leave our homes! Middletown Truck Stop Eatery & Drive Thru wants to bring more truck parking to Delaware now! To learn more about our crowdfunding campaign, click the link below! 

 "Truckers and Friends for Delaware!" 

This customizable eBook is one of the amazing perks you can receive from our crowdfunding campaign when you contribute just $35!(Restrictions apply)

 It is customizable because you can tell your story and represent the state you are from in 10 pages! 

Let our book serve as an example for your story! It can even be an electronic family air loom! 

 Our book is narrated by an 11 year old boy named Sam Jr whose dad is an OTR truck driver. He tells the world how amazing his dad is and lets everyone know how proud he is of his dad and the heroic work he does as a commercial truck driver, especially through the pandemic! For email notifications and updates 

click here.

List of Perks

  • 1 Shower per  $15 Contribution
  • 1 Parking Spot per $15 Contribution
  • 1 Laundry per $15 Contribution
  • 1 Custom eBook per $35 Contribution(restrictions)
  • 1 T-Shirt  coupon code per $20
  • 1 Custom eBook with matching T-Shirt $60
  • Silver Contribution $250-See Details
  • Bronze Contribution $500-See Details
  • Gold Contribution $1000+ See Details

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