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Help Delaware Serve and Save Our Truck Drivers

Most people do not realize how important commercial truck drivers are until there is a disruption in receiving their goods or freight. They are hero's hidden in plain sight, they always have been. There has been much noise in the media since the pandemic about the life saving and life changing support that commercial truck drivers delivered to our country and communities, at the risk of their own lives. Truth be told, that is nothing new.

Today, when people talk about truck drivers, you can now hear a sense of pride, relief and greater respect in their tone. Yet, there is still this disdain when we see their trucks lining our interstate shoulders, on and off ramps, highway and road shoulders, because there is no place else to park.  As our country slithers its way out of the pandemic, some of the layers that veiled what they do was pealed back by COVID-19 for all to see. 


We had 3 truck drivers in my family. My older brother and 2 brothers-in-law. A few years before the pandemic hit, my family and I took a deep dive into understanding the importance of commercial truck drivers as well as the mounting challenges they face trying to do their jobs, on the roads and in our communities. Now, we have mounted a campaign to answer an unheard call in my state. A cry, more so, for more quality commercial truck parking and amenities. If you are a truck driver or know one, and you have experienced what its like to try to find parking in Delaware, we want to connect with you. Tell us about your experience.

 Then stay tuned and let us tell you how we plan to answer the cry. 

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If you or someone you know is a truck driver and would like to share a "Delaware Truck Parking" experience we would love to hear from you!

In less than 200 words, please tell us about your experience with difficulty finding parking. Please if possible include a picture or a short video clip no longer than 40 seconds.(The content must be approved by the site administrator before publishing)

Help us serve and save our truck drivers. We would love to keep you updated on our progress with bringing more truck parking to the state of Delaware. For the most recent updates click here!

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