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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Middletown Truck Stop Eatery & Drive Thru ,LLC been in business?

Middletown Truck Stop Eatery & Drive Thru, LLC is not a "physical" up and running business as of yet. We are in the pre-revenue, start-up phases of our build out and have been an established business entity in Delaware for over 3 years. We are actively seeking the perfect location for our first site. We have connected with a program in Delaware called the Delaware Prosperity Partnership Program where incentives are given to businesses that locate in the "Opportunity Zone" and we have identified 2 sites.

Why do you call your project the first "Green" truck stop and amenities facility being built in Delaware?

There are other great truck stops in Delaware that provide parking, and amenities but none are built completely using all green and clean energy sources and natural materials like natural gas, solar energy and green building materials.

This project seems expensive, why are you only trying to raise $25,000? Why not just take out a loan?

Yes, this is an expensive project at $4-5 million with a goal to raise $350,000 in the next 12 months. However, this is the first of 4 planned capital campaigns. We need all of our campaigns to be successful as early as possible. Raising smaller amounts early in our campaign makes it easier for our backers to see the goals reached and pitch in. Also, funding/financing, traditional or otherwise is difficult for a new startup if you do not already have a sizable stake in the project or "skin in the game". This is an excellent way to increase our skin in the game. Our goal is to raise capital by:

Crowdfunding(Launching mid August 2021)


Lines of Credit

Business Loan

(Partner or Investor with careful consideration)

Will your facility be "female friendly"?. Meaning, will you provide basic health and beauty aids that women truck drives need while on the road and if there is an emergency?

Yes! Absolutely. As women founders, we are fully aware of the unique needs women have while living a mobile life as a commercial truck driver.

Will parking and amenities be open and available 24 hours, 7 days per week?


Will the parking be free or paid? And is there a reserved parking option?

Parking is paid and yes, there will be reserved parking on a first, come, first serve basis.

How many locations will you have?

There will be 1 location for the time being. But we hope to provide other locations in the future.

Urgent Care Centers are becoming a very valuable resource for truckers while on the road. 

Will you have an urgent care center and will it be located on site?

Yes! The Urgent Care Center will be a separate facility but will be located on site for added convenience.

Will you offer mobile ordering or provide truck-side delivery?

Yes! We will offer both mobile ordering and truck side delivery.

Will you have a loyalty rewards program?

Eventually yes! We are currently working with a vendor to provide a loyalty rewards program for greater savings.

Will your site sell fuel?

We hope to provide fuelling options within the first 12 months in operation. Because of the zoning laws and increased costs associated with putting fuel tanks underground, we must plan accordingly.

Will your site offer freight weighing or scales?

Yes! We will have 1 scale.

How many parking spaces will your site provide and how many will be reserved?

We will offer 75 paid park spaces and 12 reserved paid.

Will your site offer truck washing and truck repair services?

Our goal is to offer truck washing within the first 12 months of operations and truck repair services within the first 24 months of operations.

Are you members of reputable, national or local associations that provide advocacy support, education and resources to help you help more commercial truck drivers? 

Yes! We are members of NATSO, National Association of Truck Stop/Travel Center Operators, WIT.org, Women In Trucking Organization and are applying to a local association serving the trucking industry in Delaware since 1939!

Have you or your team members ever been commercial truck drivers?

No. I nor any of our start-up team members are truck drivers. However, we are members of the above mentioned organizations and we have found a wealth of expertise, support, community, encouragement and valuable data and research that helps us build a strong start-up foundation. There are many roles to fill in the commercial trucking industry and we believe our role is to provide direct support to the commercial truck driver through providing a higher standard of truck parking and amenities.

How do I become a contributor to the "Truckers and Friends for Delaware!" crowd funding campaign on Indeigogo?

Click here!