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MobileFitt Health and Wellness Program

(Coming Soon!)

Where Health Meets The Road! 

We understand how difficult it is to attend to your medical, health and wellness needs while on the road for days at a time. 

MobileFitt Health and Wellness Program will provide resource information, re​ferals and support for commercial truck drivers wanting to stay on top of and improve their health, wellness and fitness... while on the road through our consultant LIT Wellness Solutions, and Interstate Health Systems. (later Including breast cancer screenging)

Help Us Stop The Insanity

In this post-pandemic world we all have found ourselves wading through, we know our new project cannot be "truck stop as usual". Our approach to providing products and services cannot be "like it was". The global economic reset button has been pushed and we are all in a new "normal".

We deeply believe that, in our industry, doing truck stops "like it was' or "as usual" will continue the same legacy of subpar standards and unhealthy drivers. We are laying a new foundation for higher standards and healthier truck drivers in this post pandemic world. 

More than 80% of communities in the US solely rely on commercial trucks to deliver their goods and freight. Just think for one moment, if those deliveries were to stop altogether because of no truck drivers, how would we make it? That fact is not going to change anytime soon, even with the advent of self driving vehicles. That means we will continue to rely on commercial truck drivers to make those deliveries to our communities, because lets face it, we all could not or would not drive a truck! 

And since we will continue to rely on those truck drivers, why not work to change and improve their work environments so that they can do their jobs healthier, stronger and longer for us? Today, as a new, aspiring truck stop, our sights are set on providing amazing, green energy facilities, on-site urgent care centers, healthier food and drink options, fitness center and walking trails for stronger, healthier commercial truck drivers to pass the bat-ton to the next generation. 

Please join us in our efforts to "not do truck stop as usual". Our "Truckers and Friends for Delaware" crowdfunding campaign on Indeigogo offers an opportunity to get involved and stop the insanity. To stay up to date, Click Here.