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In Delaware, Truck Parking and Amenities Like You Have Never Seen Before!

(Coming Soon!) 

At Middletown Truck Stop Eatery & Drive Thru, we want to be your destination for the best truck parking and amenities Delaware has to offer!

Coming Soon! Coming Soon! 

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! We are bringing something fresh, new, exciting, radical and "Green" to the commercial truck parking industry in the state of Delaware and we would love for you to be a part of the journey!

Truck drivers are hero's hidden in plain sight. They help make our lives better on levels and in ways you would never really know unless you take a deep dive into the roles they play. There is not enough truck parking anywhere. 

But in Delaware, there is only 11 places to park, 9 private and 2 public for a total of 328 parking spots for an average of 29 spots per location. That is simply not enough parking. Please join us in improving their "mobile" quality of life by filling one of the biggest needs they have... quality, safe truck parking and amenities. To stay up to date and get notified Click Here