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Why Build a "Green" Truck Stop?

At the very core of our values, we aspire to be a service provider that helps to take care of our planet for the next generation. Our planet is all we have, now and far into the future. Extreme climate changes, global warming, and disastrous weather events world wide all point to one catalyst...man. We have the power to change our behaviors and how we treat our world and resources. The truck parking and amenities industry can play a big role in improving the way we serve the industry, our patrons and community. It is the natural thing to do. 

We will build green, LEED certified truck parking facilities that improves the quality of life of our patrons, our communities and our planet. In this post-pandemic world, economy and industry, doing almost anything "as usual" or "like we use to" is quickly becoming obsolete. Building, functioning and serving with renewable, green energy and materials is our way of not doing truck stop, "as usual". Truck stops today and tomorrow must serve on higher levels with an action plan for greener facilities.

 Come share our build out process from ground breaking to grand-opening as we bring the first "Green" truck stop to the state of Delaware!

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